We are one of the top CBSE affiliated Schools in NOIDA extension who aspire to give the best education to our students turning them into an all-round individuality. We concentrate and make sure to give the best ethical values and ethics as these are the foundation through which we can build up the curiosity in children to learn different subjects. Importance of School in Our Life School is one of the most important things in our lives! Qualified people only get standard jobs with the intention that they can lead a happy life. School offers a safe and sound retreat for extending of ideas, and regularly gives us way in to themes and ideas that we wouldn’t often get in our homes or with our buddies. In addition, school not only helps students learn necessary concepts and skills, but it also lets them to relate with other students publicly, rationally, and psychologically. School serves countless ideas from build self-confidence to teaching kids the meaning of joint effort and working with others. School as well facilitates direct teenagers though the concern of a daily routine, which is of maximum value as we direct them toward the place of work, and as they become productive members of the world. Students are provided with access to new ideas, including science and language, and are given the chance to learn additional about globe civilizations, geography, and individual history. Rules for Students at Trinity World School:

• Good manners and punctuality is essential at all times. Students who contravene this rule without valid reason will be punished as per rules. • Their manner of movement should be calm and systematic, at all times. • Students should treat all school staff with respect at all times and be courteous to fellow students.

• Students are instructed not to play in the classroom or use cricket bats and hockey sticks, except on the playground.

• Students are not allowed to bring into the school valuable articles such as Jewellery, costly fountain pens, wrist watches, mobile phones. Plus, we are surrounded by technology from all sides. Our Labs are enhanced with the latest equipments and we encourage our students to different concepts of science as well as mathematics. Also, the school has a big play-ground. Cricket, Swimming, Foot-ball, Basket-ball, Throw-ball, Volley-ball and Tennis are some of the games in which the school represents up to the State and National Level. To know more about this Best School in NOIDA Extension, please visit our website.