Our aim is the pursuit of excellence for all.
We strive for the development of individual potential in a stimulating and inspiring environment.
The endeavor is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and consideration for the ideas and attitudes enabling children to value and be valued as part of this community.

We continue to develop the positive ethos and learning culture throughout the school community with a commitment to continual improvement and meeting high expectations.
The objective is to create a skill development and learning environment that instills in each pupil the ability to apply knowledge and wisdom in the outsider world effectively and shine.

Gurus who love teaching subjects and beyond; the best possible pastoral care that makes every pupil feel they are as important to the school as it is to them; a whole world of sports, music, drama and activities beyond the classroom and first-rate facilities.

In a world of targets and assessments we are determined to keep the love of learning and discovery burning brightly in all students. The same is achieved by practical life teaching tactics and not relying only on books. Numerous activities are conducted every week to provide a platform that brings out the best in the child.

The academic core skills are at the heart of everything we do at The Trinity World School, underpinning every subject and activity. Expert teachers will work to create a solid foundation upon which he can build and develop. Students will be supported and encouraged in every discipline to explore and discover new strengths and abilities.

Sports and extra-curricular for all is exactly what we provide. During their time on the playing fields, your child will gain vital skills for adulthood; teamwork, creativity and a ‘can do’ attitude with a ‘never give up’ determination.