In trinity Public School we follow XSEED education pattern in class nursery, LKG ,UKG and I and II because we at Trinity World School feel that schools need to be about learning, not cramming.The entire focus of traditional teaching is on students performance in the final exams that mostly measures the child ability to remember facts, making learning monotonous, boring not very useful.

We at TWS feel exceed empowers children to learn and gain confidence by asking questions and learning by doing. It works well with CCE (continuous comprehensive evaluation) and helps to test students  HOTS (High order thinking skills) rather then information recall. XSEED helps students to apply their learning in new ways that require critical thinking and creative writing skills. Thus children learn, not cram and teachers teach, not tell. Children who learn through XSEEDS method are confident and ready with the skills required for higher studies and 21 century careers.

XSEEDS is based on well researched,structured and detailed learning plans.Each learning plan follows a proven 5-step experiential learning method.

  1. Students know what they will learn.(Aim)
  2. Students experience the concepts themselves through hand-on activities and experimentation to understand their use and application in real life.(Action)
  3. Students reflect on the experience and explore the concept further through questions and answers.(Analysis)
  4. Students use workbooks and do class work and homework to apply and practice what they have learnt and improve their writing skills.(Application)
  5. Students take periodic tests that measure and give feedback on development in 3 key areas:(Assessment)


(i) Conceptual understanding

(ii) Applied thinking, and

(iii) Language and comprehension.

While preserving the best in traditional Indian and International education and culture, TWS has opted for a students-centre and system with ample opportunities for project work and discovery learning, guided by a well-qualified teaching faculty, with generous access to quality in service training.Thus while the general CBSE curriculum is followed by every student,he o she is also encouraged to develop talents and interests in personal areas of academics and sports.

TWS concentrates first on the students aptitudes, then on the skills and knowledge she/he needs to acquire. Traditional education tends to valve a limited range of knowledge and skills but recent researches suggest that intelligence is not unitary but multiple.We at TWS aim to give students a broader,deeper and richer educational experience but recognizing each students strongest talents and building them in order to ensure that all the areas of talent are developed.

To sum up TWS aims to develop motivated, confident, articulate students with skills necessary for independent study. Observing that teachers are also learning, young students are themselves encouraged to become life long learners. Besides this, young learners do not limit their learning to the teachers ability alone but are encouraged ‘out of the box’ thinking as that is the skill required by students in the future.